Ashley Benson Dyed Her Hair Pink for Her 27th Birthday

Ashley Benson Dyed Her Hair Pink for Her 27th Birthday
Photo: Getty Images

Pray tell, what did you do on your last birthday? Maybe drank a bit, danced a bit more, took a few zillion pictures, and didn’t make a drastic change to your appearance? Welp, then you clearly aren’t Ashley Benson, who rang in her 27th birthday yesterday with a brand new, bright-pink dye job. Yup, the Pretty Little Liars star (may it R.I.P.) took to Instagram last night to debut her new pink hair, while also wearing a set of cat ears, because why not?

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Credit: Instagram | @ashleybenson

Benson’s caption on the photo: “when you let @findyourCalifornia do this,” referring to the photographer and director Nico Guilis, who we can safely assume moonlights as an amateur hairstylist. This wasn’t the first slightly big-ish change for Benson in 2016—she cut her long, blonde waves into a choppy, layered lob in August, got matching Pretty Little Liars finger tattoos in November, and now, she’s crossed over to the pink side with her new hair color.

Of course, if Benson is anything like the rest of Hollywood—or Lucy Hale, who literally changes her hair every other week—she’ll probably have the pink hue gone by the end of the month and be back to blonde a.s.a.p. But for now, we’ll happily gaze at her cool-girl style and contemplate an existence in which we also have pink hair. Maybe one day… (but probably not).

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