Ashley Benson Just Got Insanely Pretty Hair Extensions

Ashley Benson Just Got Insanely Pretty Hair Extensions
Photo: Getty Images

OK, bear with us, but we’re starting to think that the air is contaminated with some sort of hair-changing spell that brainwashes celebrities into chopping and dying the shit out of their hair. We mean, over the past few weeks we’ve witnessed some straight-up insane transformations (*cough* Bella Hadid’s three-day streak of polar-opposite hairstyles *cough*). And although we were pretty certain we’d swipe open our news feeds this morning to Kylie Jenner with a rainbow buzz cut, we actually discovered what may be the prettiest, most subtle hair change to date on the head of one of our favorite “Pretty Little Liars”: Ashley Benson. 

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Yup, Benson just got low-key extensions for a fuller, thicker look. The actress’s go-to hair wizard Chad Wood, who also works with Hailey Baldwin and Vanessa Hudgens, Instagrammed a photo of the extensions, writing, “@Ashleybenson wanted less fuss this summer and a little more fullness with length. So, [sic] we created these custom clip-in extensions for an easy on the go fix.”

Real talk: Benson used to change her hair every five minutes, like when she had platinum-blonde waves in January or experimented with cotton candy-colored hair last December. But the 27-year-old has taken it down a notch lately, wearing mid-length, blonde waves for most of the summer. And although the clip ins don’t look dramatically different, Benson’s hair does have a noticeable, yet natural, body that we’re high-key vibing with. Plus, Benson’s extensions have given us a friendly reminder that clip ins don’t always have to be Rapunzel-esque (lookin’ at you Bella and Lily), and actually often look super natural and subtle. So, excuse us for moment while we call our hair stylist stat and get us some Ashley Benson thickness.