Uh, Ashley Benson Just Dyed Her Hair Platinum Blonde

Uh, Ashley Benson Just Dyed Her Hair Platinum Blonde
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In a shocking twist of events (*insert sarcasm, here*), Ashley Benson just debuted yet another drastic hair change for the billionth time in the last 12 months, and, yes, we’re totally into it, as per usual. Benson, along with her Pretty Little Liars co-stars and BFFs (we’re looking at you, Lucy Hale, who we’re pretty sure is Sabrina The Teenage Witch in disguise based on how frequently she alters her hair color), is known among the beauty world for consistently changing her hair, like chopping her long waves into a textured lob back in August, before dying her waves strawberry pink for a brief, four-week stint last month. And though we’re only a few weeks into 2017, Benson has already blessed us with her latest hair experiment: platinum blonde.

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Credit: Instagram | @ashleybenson

The actress ditched her pink waves (above) and revealed her new white-blonde shade in a selfie posted to Instagram yesterday afternoon while wearing a white, long-sleeve t-shirt and a hot-pink beanie, and somehow looking cool as hell in clothes we’d usually reserve for laundry day. Her caption on the post: “Sunday vibes w hunny,” tagging celebrity hairstylist Chad Wood, whose clients also include Bebe Rexha, Zendaya, and Sophia Bush.

It’s only been a day since Benson posted her photo, but so far, her fans are equally obsessed with her hair, with one user commenting on her picture, “Love your hair, perfection,” with a few dozen other fans complimenting her on her hair, face, eyes, and general existence. We’re just surprised nobody asked the very obvious question: “How has your hair not fallen out, yet?” (Spoiler: That’s what a celebrity hairstylist does for you—turns even the most dyed, fried hair into curtains of silk.)

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Credit: Instagram | @ashleybenson

There’s no question—and who are we to judge, anyway?—that Benson is pulling off this platinum dye with aplomb, and we’re pretty positive that she’ll also pull off any other hair color she will inevitably try in the next dozen years. We guess that’s what being a chill, do-what-I-want celebrity gets you. That, and a few thousand Instagram fans proposing marriage to you. But if her hair-changing patterns are anything like they’ve been in the past, don’t get too attached to Benson’s new look, because for all we know, she could reveal jet-black hair tomorrow. And yes, we’d be right back here writing about it, because it’s Ashley freakin’ Benson.

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