Asbestos Found in South Korean Makeup

Rachel Adler

If you’ve had any hesitations about switching to mineral makeup, here’s some news that will officially scare you away.

The Korea Food and Drug Administration has banned the sale of five cosmetics products produced by the popular brand L’Ocean after it detected class A carcinogen asbestos in talcum powder used in the products, which is the same toxic asbestos that can cause serious illnesses.

The recalled products include L’Ocean’s Finish Face Powder, Perfection Makeup Base, Perfection Face Color, and two varieties of L’Ocean’s Double Shading Compact. The Korean FDA believes that the contamination originated at distribution companies in China, according to an article in Cosmetic News. If you have any of these products, or have been importing these products, stop using them ASAP!

Asbestos being used in insulation was bad enough—but on your face? Ew. Let’s not even think about it.

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