Ariel Winter Looks Straight Out Of ‘Game of Thrones’ With Her New Hair Color

Elizabeth Denton
Ariel Winter Looks Straight Out Of ‘Game of Thrones’ With Her New Hair Color
Photo: Shutterstock.

“I was like, ‘Listen, I’ve tried every color. I’ve fried my hair. And this is the only color that looks good. Every other color I pick doesn’t look good.” That’s what Ariel Winter told STYLECASTER just three months ago about her fiery red hair. But Winter’s platinum blonde hair proves there are many shades that look great on the Modern Family actress. She’s actually a natural blonde, having had to dye her hair black for her role as Alex Dunphy for 13 years. But of course, this white blonde is a really great dye job.

“Winter Is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!” Winter captioned her new hair photos. Although everyone and their mother references the character Khaleesi from Game of Thrones when going platinum, the actress has the perfect last name to make the connection even more amazing. Hey, maybe she’s been waiting her whole life, or since Game of Thrones has been out, to use this caption.

Winter credited Los Angeles-based colorist Tabitha Dueñas for the white blonde hue and hairstylist Tim Dueñas for the long layers. Tabitha is also responsible for Winter’s red hair makeover. Though she told STYLECASTER she loved the red, she never said she wouldn’t go blonde. She just said she wouldn’t go back black—unless the money was right. “And then I said myself, ‘as soon as the show is over, I’m not going to have dark hair again unless somebody pays me to have dark hair again,'” she said. It makes sense. Dyeing your hair that often can do some serious damage to your strands. So can platinum, of course, but we’re sure she has a stellar hair care routine. Plus, she now looks nothing like Alex Dunphy and she’s shedding that childhood character for good.

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