Ariana Grande Debuts The Perfect Post-Breakup Haircut, Makes Exes Cry

Ariana Grande Debuts The Perfect Post-Breakup Haircut, Makes Exes Cry
Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It was only a matter of time before Ariana Grande’s new short haircut made its debut. As a woman fully embracing her recently single status, breakup anthem and all, Ariana totally fit the bill for the phenomenon known as the Post-Breakup Haircut. On Nov. 15, the singer took to Instagram to show off her new look by posting a selfie, filtered with the Snapchat floral bunny.

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While the filter may be silly, Ariana’s chic new lob is anything but. On the unofficial high-ponytail spokeswoman, this breezy post-breakup hair looks so refreshing. Ari said a full, “Thank u, next,” to her signature look, shocking fans in the process. As of press time, her photo has reached more than 1.7 million likes in just an hour.

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The previous photo she posted on Instagram was a shot of her with an extra-long high-pony—a possible swan song for her former style?

Aside from drama that has surrounded Grande’s romantic entanglements, the 25 year-old has also struggled with her hair, clinging to her signature high pony even though it gives her headaches. In a 2014 Facebook post, the pop-star defended always wearing her hair in a ponytail. She explained that after her role on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Kat, her hair was left extremely damaged, stemming from constant bleach and dye jobs. In fact, her hair was colored red every other week for four years. The wear-and-tear took its toll, and the ponytail ended up being a style that really worked for her hair type. As time went on, Ariana Grande became synonymous with high ponytail (and oversized sweatshirt, but that’s for another story.)

Opting for a post-breakup makeover is a completely relatable move for the singer, and it signifies that she’s seriously ready for the next chapter of her life. A number one song and an of-the-moment chop? We can’t think of a better way to move on.