Ariana Grande Is MAC’s Latest Viva Glam Spokesperson

Rachel Adler
Courtesy MAC

Courtesy MAC

Ariana Grande is known for many things: her killer singing voice, her skill for licking donuts, and her never-changing hairstyle. But, interestingly enough, aside from her eponymous marshmallow fragrance, the chart-topping artist has never had a beauty contract—until now. Following in Miley Cyrus‘s loud footsteps, Ariana has teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to create her own Viva Glam collection, and all proceeds from the products will go to help people affected by HIV/AIDS.

After a lot of hype and teasing, Ariana popped up on MAC’s Periscope to show off her beauty products, which include a duo of a dark plum lipstick and a shimmering pink lip gloss. Ariana noted that the dark plum lipstick is there to “represent the bad girl in you,” and the light pink lip gloss is meant to “represent the good girl in you, because I think you should play up both sides.”

The collection will be available in January, and Ariana reminded us that it’s guilt-free shopping because it’s for a good cause. Watch her announce it live in the Periscope stream below.

periscope expired Ariana Grande Is MACs Latest Viva Glam Spokesperson

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