Why Ariana Grande’s New Nail Art Could Mean a Collab With Lady Gaga

Elizabeth Denton
Why Ariana Grande’s New Nail Art Could Mean a Collab With Lady Gaga
Photo: Shutterstock.

We can’t think of two singers fans want to collaborate as much as Ariana and Lady Gaga. So much so, that nail art is becoming a clue to a possible song from the two divas. Both Arianators and Little Monsters know their icons so well, they remember what kinds of nails they usually sport. (Dedication!) That’s why Grande’s new nail art is blowing up Twitter. The singer usually favors shorter, more classic styles such as a French manicure. But her new nails totally new and bold. Dare we say, they’re much more Lady Gaga’s style.

As Popsugar points out, the pink and iridescent colors of her nails match the vibe of Gaga’s upcoming album, as well as her recent music video for “Stupid Love.” Even more specific, and stay with us here, some fans say there’s a “tribe symbol” in the “Stupid Love” music video and it looks a bit like a ring. Obviously, “7 Rings” is a huge Ariana Grande banger. The colors of the symbol and Grande’s nails seem to match as well.

Whether this is a bit of a stretch or Grande is actually going to be on Gaga’s album, Chromatica, (let’s hope!) the nails are pretty killer on their own. Grande tagged freelance nail artist @bettyinacherry for the iridescent talons. The spring-ready, pointy nails admittedly look a bit like clouds, which is a Grande thing as well. So, it is possible she’s just trying something fresh for the new season. Let’s hope Arianators know their stuff because a collaboration between these two would surely break the internet.