Even Ariana Grande Has Curtain Bangs Now

Elizabeth Denton
Even Ariana Grande Has Curtain Bangs Now
Photo: Mega Agency.

When a hair trend gets popular enough for even Ariana Grande to give it a try, you know it’s the next big thing. It feels like everyone, celebs, influencers and regular folks alike, are all getting ’70s-inspired bangs. It looks like you can add the pop start to that list. Grande showed off her curtain bangs in an Instagram photo that has already garnered more than six million likes in just one day. That’s almost a record for her.

Grande’s hair has been a big topic for years since she revealed she damaged her strands by dyeing it red during her Victorious days a decade ago. She felt she had to incorporate faux ponytails. Since then, we’ve only seen rare glimpses of what’s going on behind the wigs, getting to see her naturally curly hair every once in a while.

We’re not sure if these new long, curtain-style bangs are faux too but either way, they’re chic as hell. Based on her caption, it appears she’s behind-the-scenes of her music video for the banger “34+35” and we cannot wait.

Although curtain bangs feel like a throwback to the ’70s, especially when they’re flipped out with other layers, the style also feels extremely 2007. It just goes to show you that all hair trends come back and come back again. If you want to try them yourself, ask your hairstylist how long the bangs should be based on your hair type and face shape. You can always go for some long layers that are shorter in the front if you want to be a little more low-maintenance. You’ll be in on the trend either way.

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