Beauty Buzz: Ariana Grande’s Marshmallow Scent, Kate Middleton A Royal Beauty Rebel, More

Sable Yong
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Getty Images

What better way to start out the day than with the must-click talking points from around the web, curated by us. Have a story you’d like to nominate? We’ll be posting our top stories each morning, so tweet us at @BeautyHigh #BHbuzz

1. Ariana Grande‘s first fragrance, Ari, will be here in September, and it includes notes of marshmallow. [Allure]

2. Kate Middleton is looking to be the royal beauty rebel. [Glamour]

3. You may be shaping your brows wrong if you’re doing any of these things to them. [Byrdie]

4. Not an eyeshadow girl? It’s cool, here’s how to ease yourself into eye makeup. [Daily Makeover]

5. UV rays will get you in sneaky ways. Keep your SPF on you at all times. [Refinery29]

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