Are Men Better at Dieting Than Women? New Research Says Yes

Leah Bourne

It’s the start of January and just about everyone has the same New Year’s resolution: lose weight.

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According to new research, women have a few things to learn from men when it comes to shedding pounds. Retailer Marks & Spencer surveyed 1,850 men and women and found that not only do men lose weight faster than women, they find it easier to keep off.

To wit: 28 percent of men shed pounds with a combination of a healthy diet and exercise, while 23 percent simply decide to walk more. The takeaway from that? They are less prone to fad diets, instead favoring healthy lifestyle choices. They also aren’t prone to getting on the scale that often to check their progress.

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One thing men and women both seem to agree on when it comes to weight loss? Only 13 percent of men and women are willing to give up alcohol to lose weight.

Check out the infographic highlighting the study below.


Infographic: Courtesy of Marks & Spencer