Beauty Challenge: ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Arden Cho RULES at Applying Blush and Mascara at the Same Time

Victoria Moorhouse

In our latest video series, we’ve decided to put beauty skills to the test. You may very well be an avid lipstick wearer or think of yourself as a cat-eye pro, but could you really apply the perfect look without a mirror? Or – gasp – do both simultaneously? We’ll be asking some of our favorites celebrities and beauty stars to put their skills to the test, and see if they pass our beauty challenge.

You’re probably already super familiar with Arden Cho’s supernatural side on MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” her uhmazing voice (yep, the girl can sing), and the fact that she has a knack for taking crazy good Instagram pics, but did you know she’s got some skills in the beauty department. While we’re always envious of her super natural makeup and tousled waves, applying blush and mascara—at the same time—might be even more of an impressive specialty.

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We caught up with Arden and asked if she’d take part in our celebrity beauty challenge—one that’s been tackled by the likes of Laura Marano and Lucy Hale before her—and she got what some might consider a doozy of a request. Arden took on the challenge of applying blush with one hand and mascara with the other, simultaneously. She mentioned it’s a little like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time, but if that’s the case, we’d have to imagine she’d be stellar at that, too. Check out Arden’s attempt, resulting in selfie-worthy makeup, here.

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