Your Favorite Hair Towel Just Got Even Better at Reducing Frizz & Increasing Shine

Elizabeth Denton
Your Favorite Hair Towel Just Got Even Better at Reducing Frizz & Increasing Shine
Photo: Aquis/Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy/STYLECASTER.

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I’ve been a beauty editor for more than a decade but until a few years ago, I thought I had to blow dry my frizzy, wavy hair when it was soaking wet. It took forever but if I let it air dry too long, it would puff up and curl and I’d never get a smooth blowout. Then, I discovered Aquis. The brand makes wearable hair towels made from moisture-wicking material that keeps my hair from frizzing all while cutting down on drying time. Its newest version, the Flip Hair-Drying Tool, is out today and has some seriously hair-saving updates. Allow founder Britta Cox to explain.

Throw a regular cotton towel onto your hair post-wash and the friction will cause an increase in frizz and breakage. That’s where Aquis comes in. “We’ve learned about the biology of hair that actually by removing the water, you will have less frizz,” Cox tells STYLECASTER. And there’s a very, very clear biological reason that that happens. And it’s just more sustainable.”

 Your Favorite Hair Towel Just Got Even Better at Reducing Frizz & Increasing Shine


Now, the other Aquis towels remove moisture so what makes this one different? Well, a few things. “Using Aquis, hair dries five times faster and is five times stronger than any other drying method,” Cox says. They’re continuing to innovate in the “hair tech” space. That’s why they previously launched the Copper Sure Lisse D’Air Turban ($26.25 at Sephora), an antimicrobial version that repels bacteria to keep towels fresher longer. The new Flip combines that technology with even more sustainability and a better overall dry time.

“It’s designed to optimally make contact with all the hair strands,” she says of the new design. “The AQUITEX fabric works simply by making contact with the hair without any friction. It draws the water into and across the fabric at the point of contact because of the ultra-fine fibers and the weave create channels that actually move the water out of your hair.” The COPPERSURE antimicrobial technology means the fabric is naturally antimicrobial without adding surface chemicals. What does that mean for you? Simply hang up the towel and you won’t have to wash it as often. That’s you, using less water!

In addition to the new design and antimicrobial technology, Flip is made from recycled water bottles so you’re creating a bit less waste.

 Your Favorite Hair Towel Just Got Even Better at Reducing Frizz & Increasing Shine


Aquis is for all hair types and textures but especially great for chemically processed hair, like bleached or permed hair. “Bleaching chemicals will literally break down the keratin structure in your hair so you’ll literally have holes in your hair,” Cox says. (Her company also makes K18 so she knows what she’s talking about.) “It makes your hair much more hydrophobic. It gets weak and stretches quicker than any other hair type. So, it’s really important to draw to get the water out as quickly as possible, but doing so gently, because that actually reforms the hydrogen bonds in your hair.”

Cox is so into hair tech and hair health, she’s done clinical trials with Aquis. That’s when she learned AQUIS “leaves hair up to 5X stronger than traditional drying methods, 2.5x stronger than drying with traditional towels and five times stronger than speed drying with a blow dryer,” over an 8-week period. With all the things I do to my hair  — bleach, hot tools, ponytails — I’m ready to try anything that can help keep my strands healthy. Especially if that also allows me to be a little bit lazy.

Yes, lazy. Aquis Flip stays on my head so well, I can go hands-free on TikTok for a lot longer without my hair getting frizzy. When I unwrap my hair, my strands are smooth and partially dry, cutting down on drying time.

There are three shades to choose from — Pearl, Steel and Amethyst — and you can get them now at Sephora.

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