You’re Doing It Wrong: Applying Perfume

unnamed You’re Doing It Wrong: Applying Perfume

There is no product easier to apply than perfume. Just spritz and go, right? Our biggest fear, though, is becoming the skunk in the room when we go on fragrance overload. No matter how nice the scent of floral or citrus is, too much of it is a clear social faux paus. Christine Luby, the co-founder of Pinrose (a company that helps you find your signature scent through music playlists), says women’s biggest mistake is giving in to this fear.

“Just remind yourself: If you apply it to your wrists, you can always wash it off if it’s too strong,” says Luby. “It’s nothing permanent. And if you’re buying a fine fragrance, the composition should never be cloying or overwhelming. (And if it is, kick that one to the curb!)”

And as for those claims that rubbing your wrists together actually breaks down the molecules? They’re bogus. “Many people claim that rubbing your wrists together will break down the scent molecules and change the scent, but scent molecules just aren’t that fragile,” says Luby. “I rub my wrists together, just like I open my mouth wide when I apply mascara. Neither action really does anything, but hey, it’s part of my beauty ritual.”

For the best longevity, Luby recommends applying to the hair. “Hair carries scent very well, and it also creates this sexy, evanescent quality to the scent. People will get near you and get a glimpse of the scent but not be overwhelmed.” For overly dry hair, avoid static by spraying the fragrance directly on your brush before running it through your hair.

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