You’re Doing It Wrong: Applying Makeup

Megan Segura

unnamed 11 Youre Doing It Wrong: Applying Makeup


If we’re lucky, we get to apply makeup at home in front of a mirror, but if we’re not so lucky it’s in the middle of a crowded subway on the way to work. According to makeup artist Samantha Trinh, the problem isn’t where or how you’re applying your makeup, it’s what light you’re doing it in.

“It’s not so much the product or the color [that women are doing wrong], it’s that they’re not doing it in natural light,” says Trinh. Applying makeup in artificial light causes many women to use a heavy hand when applying makeup, so it looks obvious and caked on.

So what options does one have, besides going out into the yard to apply foundation? “Investing in a natural light mirror is the best way to do it,” says Trinh. If you must use artificial light, Trinh advises that it should never be overhead. “It’s better to use a lamp, otherwise you think shadows [caused by overhead lights] are problems and try to cover them with concealer.”

Another option, says Trinh, is to buy a clear light bulb, which replicates real light. “That’s a dollar and change that will change your makeup.”

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