Hair Styling Products to Give Your Hair a Frizz-Free, Smooth Finish

Victoria Moorhouse

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Raise your hand if you’ve experienced frizz invading your hairstyle, seizing its smooth finish with little control or care. This situation, which is usually exacerbated due to weather amongst many other things, is similar to static cling as it turns once sleek and uniformed individual strands into fly-aways. Since this is a problem that’s quicker to prevent than spontaneously fix on an already finished hairstyle, putting product into place on your tresses shouldn’t be overlooked. Put the fate of frizz in your hands and take a look at this roundup of hair care innovations that work to give you that glossy, sleek look you wanted in the first place.

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frizz ease primer Hair Styling Products to Give Your Hair a Frizz Free, Smooth FinishWithin the name, you’ll find a clue that this John Frieda product is meant to be used prior to styling to nix the problem before it starts—or before it’s amplified by your blow-dryer. Working a small portion of this product, which is enriched with moisturizing coconut oil, through damp hair is said to make hair more manageable and less prone to fly-away strands.
(Where to Buy: John Frieda Beyond Smooth Frizz-Ease Immunity Primer, $10.49,

redken frizz dismiss Hair Styling Products to Give Your Hair a Frizz Free, Smooth FinishSometimes frizz pops up out of nowhere. And like we said above, this hair issue isn’t the easiest to fix on the go, as brushing it out can make the problem pouffy or even more noticeable. Redken designed a very convenient product that has just enough power to settle the fly-aways on a whim. Run one these lavender oil-infused hair sheets (the box comes with 50) over your locks to bring your locks back into place and to even diminish static cling. Think of it has dryer sheets for your strands.
(Where to Buy: Redken Frizz Dismiss Fly-Away Fix, $25,

garnier fructis anti frizz serum Hair Styling Products to Give Your Hair a Frizz Free, Smooth FinishA big proponent for frizzy hair situations is having a dry mane to begin with. Strengthen and nourish your hair cuticle—making it less prone to breakage—by hydrating it with a product in your regular routine. This oil-enhanced serum is meant to be used on damp hair before styling and after shampooing and conditioning, utilizing argan oil to keep your locks moisturized, sleek and smooth.
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keratin smoothing serum tresemme Hair Styling Products to Give Your Hair a Frizz Free, Smooth FinishKeratin straightening treatments might not be on your top haircare priority list, but the protein is an all-star for strengthening your tresses overall. This keratin serum is meant to be used as a pre-styling product, but can be lightly applied on damp hair to dispel fly-aways. It also has smoothing properties that will keep your strands in place and super shiny, which no one is going to argue with—especially if you’re going for a straight look with the help of a blow-dryer.
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aveda light elements smoothing fluid Hair Styling Products to Give Your Hair a Frizz Free, Smooth FinishYou want fly-aways to hit the road, but you don’t want to be left with a hairstyle that can’t be flipped or touched—or worse, one that feels crunchy, overly oily, or sticky. Aveda’s fluid smoothing lotion works with its ingredients—which include hydrating jojoba—to give hair a pleasant finish once it dries without it being too strict or immobile. And because it is a fluid lotion, it won’t weight your hair down. Like many of the other products, it can be doubled as a dry-hair product to immediately disarm frizz.

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