Anti Aging Prevention: 5 Tips For Long-Lasting Youthful Skin


The idea of aging always seems to be under debate; teenagers can’t wait to experience it (or at least up until their 21st birthdays), while people “over the hill” dread its ever-increasing effects. While the process of aging may be inevitable for anyone who possesses human genes (unless you’re Demi Moore), there are still a number of ways that you can slow its scary effects without having to dish out cash for plastic surgery. We would still like to be able to have facial expressions by the time we’re 70…

Here are 5 ways to turn back the clock when it comes to your skin:

1. Smoke signals

You’ve all heard it preached before. Not only can cigarettes cause cancer and severe damage to your lungs, but they also damage your skin; but you don’t have to be the one inhaling to be negatively affected. Just being around cigarette smoke on a regular basis will dry out facial tissue and deplete it of ever-important Vitamin C. If you live with a smoker, you better ditch ‘em fast, or at least treat your moisturizer like a religion. You have been officially warned.

2. Watch the Way You Sleep

If you’re a face-to-pillow kind of guy or girl while sleeping, you best change up your habits as soon as possible. You know those sleep lines on your face etched into your skin when you wake up in the morning? While they may have disappeared by breakfast time today, over the course of many years, sleeping in the same face-down position will cause permanent wrinkles to form as your skin loses its youthful elasticity. Start sleeping on your back, or at best, switch up your sleep routine from time to time. And while you’re at it, get more of it – getting plenty of sleep will decrease undereye circles, which are never a good look. See Lindsay Lohan for reference.

3. Hop on the Treadmill

Exercise isn’t only good for shedding pounds and living longer; it keeps your face looking younger too. Regular weekly workouts help tone and tighten the skin to prevent sagging over time. Not only that, but a little movement will help increase bloodflow to the skin, making for a healthier, younger-looking you!

4. Check Your Facial Expressions

We’re not recommending you look like a dull bore all the time, but the more exaggerated facial movements you make in your life, the more weathered your skin will appear down the road. Frowning especially can cause long-lasting creases in your forehead where the skin typically folds. So get happy! And make sure to wear sunglasses if you consistently find yourself squinting. If you don’t, the crow’s feet will come calling!

5. Plan for the Weather

You need more than a scarf and warm insulated boots to get through the winter months. An excellent moisturizer is crucial too, as exposure to low temperatures can dry out the skin and contribute to faster aging. Don’t get fooled into hibernating indoors all winter; indoor heating is also very drying to the skin, so make sure to use a humidifier to introduce more moisture into your surroundings. Drinking plenty of water will also naturally hydrate your facial tissue.

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