Anti-Aging Lipstick from Sensai


Building on their already successful “The Lipstick,” Sensai has reformulated the classic beauty must-have. It now has unprecedented anti-aging qualities with the introduction of a new signature ingredient: Golden Silk Powder. Created by reducing pure gold and injecting these fine particles into Koishimaru Silk Powder granules, which can hold 300 times its body weight in water, Golden Silk Powder is a particularly effective moisturizer, as well as ideal for superior coverage, color fidelity and a luminescent effect.

Also new to the reformulated lipstick is Golden Phyto Extract, a powerful yellow-gold compound comprised of Apricot Oil, Yuzu (Japanese Citron) Extract and Aqua Firming Conditioner making “The Lipstick,” the first and only lipstick on the market with immediate and long-term anti-aging benefits. (It has actually been shown to increase moisture by 172% after two weeks, accelerate microcirculation by 120% in ten minutes, and enhance the rate at which your lips repair themselves in two weeks.)

“The Lipstick” will be available in 15 shades selected from those used in the silk Kimono of the Japanese aristocracy during the Heian Period. The most anticipated shade is Suou, the noblest red of the Imperial court, a crimson hue with blue undertones and a purplish cast designed to work on all skin tones.

With red lips a must for fall, we’re pursing, puckering, and parting our lips in anticipation.

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