Anne Slowey is The Stylista


The much-anticipated fashion reality show, Stylista, premiered tonight on the CW. This isn’t just any television show. This is Anne Slowey’s show (in case you don’t know, Anne Slowey is the Fashion Director at Elle, the Editor at Elle Accessories, and my former boss/mentor) which will be replacing Project Runway and providing viewers an intimate look into the editorial world that I called home for the last four years.

It seems that ever since The Devil Wears Prada, by Lauren Weisberger was published, a fascination with fashion magazines has ensued. Despite the unglamorous treatment towards assistants in the book-turned-movie, it seems that just about every girl and gay guy under the age of 22 wants to work at a magazine.

In the first episode of Stylista, you get a quick, theatrical glimpse at what it’s like to be a fashion assistant. What the show won’t be able to fit into 25 overly dramatic minutes is the extremely long hours, the multiple trips to Starbucks, getting yelled at for not getting in the right bag for a photo shoot, spending days searching for a lost necklace, dress, or shirt, all the while getting paid minimum wage.

Being a fashion assistant is anything but glamorous, but so far it is proving to be very entertaining reality television.

Top 3 Favorite quotes of the first episode:

“If you’re going to live in my world, you either get it or you don’t”- Anne Slowey
“In this industry we judge the book and the cover”- Joe Zee
“There’s a time and place, and this is neither the time nor the place”- contestant

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