Anne Hathaway Splits Sexy and Sweet in New Lancome Magnifique Commercial


Lancôme’s new Magnifique commercial features a sultry Anne Hathaway trying her hand at cabaret at exclusive NYC nightclub The Box. Set to British songstress Rósín Murphy’s “RamaLama (Bang Bang),” the commercial opens with Hathaway sitting in a corner booth of the unusually well-lit club. In our experience what happens at The Box lends itself to cover of night, but then again, we aren’t Oscar-nominated actresses. As you can probably guess, a well-dressed man inspires the actress to…dance!

Further proving her awkward Princess Diaries days are behind her, the gamine star struts and twirls onstage in a Rachel Zoe-styled flowy black halter dress to the cheers of the packed club and at least one enamored male onlooker. Hathaway worked one-on-one with a choreographer for a week before shooting and the results aren’t exactly High School Musical (or even stripclub) worthy, but respectable nonetheless. Check out the video here.

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