Anne Hathaway Chopped All Of Her Hair Off: Was It A Mistake?

Rachel Adler

Anne Hathaway showed off a newly cropped ‘do for Easter Sunday in London yesterday, with a very short cut for her new role in Les Miserables. The 29-year-old actress who will star in the upcoming flick alongside Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe plays Fantine, a single mother who sells her hair and turns to prostitution to feed her child.

Anne has also been told to lose weight for the character, which is now filming on-location in England. It was rumored that Anne was onĀ  a 500 calorie a day diet for the role (which has since been declared false by her rep) but Anne is instead choosing healthier options for slimming down.

As for her recent chop, are you happy to see that she chose to do something this drastic for the role instead of donning a wig? Celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess, best known for being Lauren Conrad’s always-ready sidekick, tweeted that she actually “might love Anne Hathaway with her new short hair” — and many others seem to feel the same way. Showing her commitment to the role (and to acting as a whole), we’re loving that she would go to such lengths (or take away the lengths…) for a part in a film. Plus, she’s also proving she can pull off a short hairstyle, which is a pro in our book.

What do you think of Anne’s new look? Would you rather her go back to her longer strands?

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