AnnaSophia Robb of “The Carrie Diaries” Already Cut Her Hair, What Does This Mean For Carrie?

Rachel Adler

The new CW show “The Carrie Diaries” aired last night, introducing a young Carrie Bradshaw to a new generation (and a prequel of “Sex and the City” to audiences everywhere). AnnaSophia Robb, the star of the show, has taken on the role of the high school Bradshaw – with teenage boy issues and all. With stylist Eric Daman working behind-the-scenes with the cast (who is known for his work on the set of Gossip Girl) there will no doubt be many eyes on the wardrobe that Sarah Jessica Parker and the original SATC made famous the first time around, with loud ’80s influences for the new show’s new era. But what we’ve already noticed is that Robb has cut her long hair into a shorter, trendier lob which she debuted during a press tour the other night.

While we’re loving the new look for Robb, and Bradshaw was always experimental with her hair on the show, we have to wonder – what does this mean for this “new” Carrie? No one can forget our beloved Carrie’s drastic transition from long curls to a short, chin-length bob in season four, which means it took her four seasons to actually make the chop and then we got to enjoy two more glorious seasons of her growing her hair back out into a shoulder-length lob.

Now, this is obviously coming from avid SATC fans (seeing as we know exact hair-chopping seasons), but a big part of the Carrie Bradshaw character was created around her quirks – from her creative outfits to her ability to wear fascinators to how she pulled her hair up (and ate popsicles) at her computer each night while working on her column. While we can most certainly obsess over what is to come on the new show, we can also simply only wait and see how it will develop, and how the new Carrie will progress.

What do you think of Robb’s haircut? How do you think it will fit into the new show? Let us know your thoughts below!