Shape Up with Anna Victoria’s Intense Full-Body Workout

anna victoria workout Shape Up with Anna Victorias Intense Full Body Workout

Anna Victoria

It’s rare that I make the time to work out on my lunch break—I’m more of a late-night exerciser—but last week when I was invited for a private group session with fitspiration star and personal trainer Anna Victoria (or @annavictoria, to her 930,000 Instagram followers), I obviously dropped everything, laced up my sneakers, and hit the gym.

You see, I’ve been following Anna Victoria for months—she is one of the most recognizable faces in the realm of Instagram fitspiration after all—and her body-shaping 12-week training guide has been on my to-do list since last summer. I mean, with results like this, it’s hard not to want to give it a try.

Right now, it may seem like just about every pseudo health and fitness expert on Instagram has a guide they want you to buy, download, and follow, but Anna Victoria’s are so effective and easy to follow, that they cut through the hype. Her program includes a 12-week meal plan for vegetarians or meat-eaters ($49.95), and the fitness plan ($49.95) that she’s become most recognized for, which you can download together for a reduced price.

While she took me through a tough 30-minute weight session that left my abs and thighs burning, the Instagram sensation and personal trainer recommends a combination of three weight sessions each week in addition to three cardio days to provide what she explained as a “balanced full-body routine that will work each muscle group as well as help you burn fat.” If it’s weight loss and toning that you’re after, Anna Victoria promises that this is the best combination to achieve dramatic results. “Only cardio or only strength training will not help you get there, but doing them together will. Strengthening your body helps your body burn more calories while at rest—yes, you will literally burn more calories while doing nothing!”

Unlike those from some other Insta-famous trainers, Anna Victoria’s guide isn’t just about body-weight training—she encourages her mostly female fan base to push themselves and pick up a set of dumbbells. I’m clearly a fan, but if you’re not quite ready to invest in her printable guide yet, follow this sample circuit that the PT prepared for us. Repeat the three circuits one to three times, then cool down and stretch. Good luck.

Circuit 1


Weighted squat and shoulder press

One round includes one squat and one shoulder press. Use a 5- to 10-pound weight and complete 10 rounds.


Weighted glute bridge and platform

Use a 10- to 15-pound weight and repeat 15 times.

Burpee-Squat-Jump (1)

Burpee and squat jump

One round includes one burpee and one squat jump. Complete eight rounds.

Circuit 2


Bicep curl and shoulder press

One round includes one bicep curl and one shoulder press. Use a 3- to 8-pound weight and repeat for eight rounds.



Repeat eight times on your toes if possible.


Mountain climber and commandos

One round includes 10 mountain climbers and 10 commandos (each side).  Complete four rounds.

Circuit 3


Side plank

One round includes one left plank for 15 seconds, and one right plank for 15 seconds.


Bicycle crunch

Complete 10 each side for a total of 20 repetitions.


Mountain climber and plank

One round includes 10 mountain climbers and one 10-second plank. Repeat for three rounds.