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Not only is Anna Camp aca-mazing (sorry, sorry… we had to) on-screen, but she’s got her red carpet beauty routine down to a science. She’s provided us with plenty of wavy hair and bright eye makeup inspiration through the years, so you better bet we jumped at the chance to sit down with her to talk about all things beauty.

The celeb, who’s starring in National Geographic’s “Saints and Strangers” that airs this Sunday at 9 p.m., gave us the breakdown on the beauty products that have changed her life, the decade she relates to then most, and the coolest (literally) de-puffing skin care trick ever.

You’ve done a lot of period pieces—”Saints and Strangers,” “Mad Men,” and “Good Girls Revolt.” What beauty decade do you identify with the most?
That’s a great question! I love the late ’50s and ’60s. I love how feminine the look is—how they weren’t afraid of being beautiful, accentuating the eye with the cat-eye, form-fitting clothing, color. There’s no one afraid of color at that time. It’s just something sexy and classy about it. Just super, super feminine. I’m from the south. My mom still doesn’t own a pair of jeans. I grew up wearing sundresses every day.

How would you describe your beauty philosophy?
It definitely changed over the years. I used to be somebody who would wear a lot of makeup, big earrings, and make a statement. I wanted to be looked at, I guess, more. And I feel like I got much more minimalist and having one piece. If it’s the dress that I’m wearing, I’ll pair it down with makeup and then wear smaller jewels. So having one sort of statement piece that gives the look a feeling. I think it’s something that is very important. Especially as an actor, I’m drawn to costumes that make me feel something. As a person, I’m drawn to a dress or a necklace that evokes a time or evokes an emotion.

We have to ask—how do you keep your hair so blonde?
Lisa Cavalone! She’s phenomenal! She works at the Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills. She has changed my hair. I use to fry my hair with bleach. I used to get out of the salon and my hair will be so stiff, and I thought that was OK. She only does the base. I don’t get full highlights every time I go in. I only get full highlights every six months. So it’s like up-keeping and keeping it healthy at the same time, too.

So what’s your hair routine like?
I always change shampoos. I wash my hair maybe every two or three days depending on if I got an amazing blowout or something like that. I use Wella shampoo which is really, really great and sometimes I use Biolage, which is also awesome.

How do you use beauty to unwind?
I am a manicure girl and a pedicure and massage girl. After wearing high heels all the time, my feet are in severe pain all the time when I get home. My poor boyfriend—I can’t ask him every time because he’s going to start charging me. So I go get regular massages.

What beauty look do you feel the most confident in?
Usually a form-fitting dress, a really great print or color, hair down, and not too, too, too much makeup. I’m not someone who likes a really bold lip. I always feel a little bit like everybody is starring at my mouth when I have a really bold lip on. But lots of lashes! I think something pretty, feminine, and romantic but also a little undone.

Do you have a secret beauty talent?
I’m excellent at applying strip lashes, but I’m horrible at applying individuals. I’m terrible!

Oh, what is it?! That’s a great beauty talent!
I think I learned from doing it theater. Growing up, we will always use strip lashes. You put a little bit of glue—like you paint it. I used the back of a brush and then you hold and bend it into a half-moon. Wait for a little bit until it’s a little dry, and it goes right on.

What’s the product that’s changed your life?
Oh my god. So Kate Somerville has this stuff called ExfoliKate ($85, I do it maybe every three days or something like that. It keeps your face really clean in-between facials. It’s kind of like giving yourself an at-home facial. It opens up all of your pores for your serums or whatever you’re going to use throughout the day.

Who’s your beauty icon or someone you think always looks really great?
You know whose skin that I can’t take my eyes off of? Cate Blanchett! I mean ivory, milky, beautiful skin and never too much make up. Never, never overdone. And she has flawless, beautiful skin.

So what other beauty products do you need in your bag?
I love Burt’s Bees Grapefruit Chapstick ($3.30, Tasty, delicious, keeps you like smooth, glowing, and wonderful. I also use Benefit Boi-ing Concealer ($20, The little pots which are great. I use MAC Pressed Powder ($26, I’ve been using MAC Pressed Powder since I was in high school. The same shade I think too, which is crazy!

What’s like a cool beauty trick that you learn backstage or on set?
Sometimes when you wake up in the morning and you’re really tired because you shot all night before, a really amazing thing to do—this sounds horrible and torturous—is to dump your face in a bowl of ice water. It just totally un-puffs, glows, and shrinks. It shrinks everything. All the red vessels, all of that. It wakes you up at the same time because morning face is hard as an actress. You know, you wake up and then you have to be on camera by 7 a.m.. Then, hair and makeup comes by 5 a.m and you only slept for four hours. You have to get that morning face down.

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