50 Unconventional Takes on Animal Print Nail Art You’ll Want to Recreate

50 Unconventional Takes on Animal Print Nail Art You’ll Want to Recreate
Photo: ImaxTree.

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The Lion King remains my favorite Disney film and Broadway musical (seriously–get into the soundtrack), so I’m hardly surprised that animal print nail art continues to leave me mesmerized. Though my own personal style is classic minimalist, when I do get the urge to embrace the wild side, I’m all about the animal kingdom. Zebras, leopards, snakes, giraffes, cheetahs…I love all of the patterns and won’t be mad if you suggest wearing a couple of them at once either.

Though most would call it a classic nail art look, animal print nail art continues to evolve in color and pattern combos. So much so, that when I went backstage during New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2020 season, electric animal print was deemed a trend to look out for in the New Year. So what’s old is new and then old…and then new again. Truth be told, this is something I totally don’t mind when it comes to my beauty routine. (I will, however, not be upset if Hollywood puts a stop to the excess of TV show and movie remakes.)

But seriously, animal print nail art does have this inexplicable fall vibe attached to it, meaning it’s time for you and me to try something new, like hot pink zebra print, yellow giraffe print tips, or hunter green snakeskin on an accent nail. And when all else fails, a classic cow print is simply the cutest, no matter how you wear it. Keep scrolling for 50 standout ways to paint your claws.