Angie’s Root Dilemma


When I met Angie, we started to talk about an at home solution to extending the length of time between salon visits. She loves going to the salon and doesn’t want to stop but at the same time she doesn’t want to be there every three weeks to have her new growth colored.

I have mentioned this product before and I swear by it. Clairol’s Root Touch Up can be a life saver. It is exactly what Angie was looking for, just a little cheater to give her a couple extra weeks in between salon visits. In this clip, I cover everything you might want to know about the product – from what it looks like when you open the package to how you mix it, apply it and process it. You even get to see the final result and what a great job the product does at blending out the grays through her part and around her hairline.

I love it – I hope you do too! What do you think? LMK

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