How to Avoid a Powder Disaster

Megan Segura
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

The usually pristine Angelina Jolie revealed a chink in her makeup armor when she showed up on the red carpet Monday night covered in powdery residue. And while she looks like she might have been flour-bombed (or, at the very least, spent a night out with Kate Moss), the new look was actually courtesy of a makeup malfunction. This all-too-common makeup mistake can be avoided by following some very simple tips.

1. Avoid powders with talc. 
Bright camera flashes and talc simply do not mix. Even though everything looks flawless in the mirror, your powder will show up under the glare of a flash, much like bodily fluids under a black light.

2. Blot before application.
Many finishing powders market themselves as “blotting powders,” which will soak up oil on the skin. While this is true, it will also lead to cake-y, obvious powder. The key is to use a blotting paper before turning to powder. This will result in less powder being used.

3. Use powder sparingly. 
It’s clear looking at this photo that Angelina’s makeup artist used a ton of powder. Instead, you should use a minimal amount. After dipping your powder brush into the makeup, be sure to tap it against a hard surface, so you’re left with very little product on the brush.

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