Kardashian Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons Just Launched His Own Haircare Line & It’s All Under $15

Elizabeth Denton
Kardashian Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons Just Launched His Own Haircare Line & It’s All Under $15
Photo: Andrew Fitzsimons.

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Khloe Kardashian’s blonde waves. Kim’s sleek, straight styles. Jennifer Lopez’s loose updo and Meghan Fox’s wet-look waves and faux baby bangs. We all know and love these trending hairstyles. But what you might not know is the same hairstylist created all of these looks and helped make these celebs major hair icons: Andrew Fitzsimons. Now, after 21 years of doing hair (!!!) and trying thousands of products on his clients, Fitzsimons has finally launched his own haircare line, Andrew Fitzsimons Hair, at Ulta Beauty.

Fitzsimons waited for the right time to launch the line and worked on it for four years. He had some pretty great clients to test it on! “I knew it wasn’t going to be putting my name on some products for hair, and let’s make pretty imagery and whatever. That’s not who I am as a person,” he tells STYLECASTER. “I want to put in the effort and the time to have messaging in every single element of the brand from the formulas, the packaging, the imagery concept, everything had to be my vision of where I think haircare should be going.”

He isn’t happy with the current marketing messages popular haircare lines put out and the way they can make women feel. One just has to think of the negative taglines of  “taming frizz” and “reducing volume.” Instead, he wanted the messaging and imagery to be a “contribution to women,” saying it’s “not something that is a marketing tactic to exploit insecurities or create insecurities with women in order to be a business model.”

Andrew-Fitzsimons hair

Andrew Fitzsimons.

That includes moving the conversation in a more positive direction, one full of acceptance. “Basically, forget everything you think about hair care,” he continues. “This is not. This is about identity. This is about acceptance. This is about accepting your natural texture and loving it and having that the baseline of haircare.”

Luckily, Fitzsimons sees this hair acceptance starting to become more of the norm. “For the first time ever, we’re seeing hair textures that used to be considered unprofessional or unglamorous being seen like every other hair texture, which is equally as professional, glamorous and beautiful,” he says.

“I love frizz,” he adds. “Let’s end the war on frizz.”

This message of true inclusivity also included casting trans and plus-size models such as Charlie Reynolds (aka Peachy) and Kataluna Enriquez in the first campaign. Somehow, Peachy is the first plus-size model to be featured alone in a haircare brand. In 2022, that’s unacceptable.

Andrew Fitzsimons Hair launched Monday with 23 products across five collections: Body Volume, Fantasy Curls, Prism Shine, Virgin Repair and Styling. Each product is priced at $14, an “accessible” price point that was very important to the hairstylist.

“I wanted to make my brand a luxury brand, even though we’re priced inclusive,” he says. “It was the number one requirement for me.” This includes the brand’s proprietary “AF Bonding Technology.” It’s featured in all of its formulas, but it’s most heavily concentrated in the Virgin Repair collection.

Andrew Fitzsimons VIRGIN REPAIR Restructuring Conditioner Front US Kardashian Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons Just Launched His Own Haircare Line & Its All Under $15

Andrew Fitzsimons.

“I grew up in a single-parent household where there was no extra money, certainly not for my Irish mommy, who was always the last on the food chain,” he continues. “So, I wanted to be able to create something really, really, really important and beautiful. And for the girls back home that I grew up with to be able to afford it too. And know that I’m using it on a celebrity for the Met Gala, or a Vogue cover and my mom is using it back home in Ireland.”

Fitzsimons chose Ulta Beauty as the home for this line, in part, he says, because it’s a “safe space for beauty lovers and queer people.” A recent trip to the Herald Square location in New York City reminded him of that. “It couldn’t be a more perfect home because they believe in the exact same things that I believe in,” he says. “And that’s why they have been so incredibly supportive and they believe in my message, they believe in where I think haircare should and could go.”

Andrew Fitzsimons FANTASY CURLS Nourishing Mask Front US Kardashian Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons Just Launched His Own Haircare Line & Its All Under $15

Andrew Fitzsimons.

The entire line is available now.

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