The Brand New Brow-Grooming Product We Totally Swear By

Rachel Krause

As far as I’m concerned, the pursuit of happiness and the quest for excellent brows are one and the same. I arrived embarrassingly late to the brow-perfecting game—I don’t know why it took me as long as it did to figure out that my naturally dark, totally-fine-but-a-bit-sparse brows needed something that nature had failed to provide me with, but getting acquainted with all of the products and tools I could use to give myself better brows was, as they say, a game changer. My quality of life improved significantly.

I’ve historically lacked loyalty when it comes to the types of products I use to both fill and groom my brows. I’ve tried pencils, markers, pens, powders, gels, what have you, as well as numerous combinations of the whole lot. It took me a few years, but I eventually found relative contentedness in a routine consisting first of a brow brush, followed by two powders (in the same compact, blessedly), and a gel to seal the whole deal once I’d finished. It was still an utterly ridiculous amount of time and effort to be spending on my eyebrows, but I was fine with it.

Honestly, I’ve never been the low-maintenance type, but now that I’ve boiled it all down to one single superior, cream-of-the-eyebrow-crop product, I can at least delude myself into thinking that I’m the type of beauty minimalist I’ve always wanted to be, rather than the girl juggling five different eyebrow-grooming tools over the bathroom sink every morning. & Other Stories Eyebrow Crème ($15) has taken the place of all the pencils and powders I used to “need” to get my brows to look the way I wanted them.

I received the cream (or crème) a couple of months before it debuted stateside—it’s the way of the beauty editor!—and, knowing that it wouldn’t be available to me again for at least 90 days, I took my time anxiously rationing it in fear I’d somehow run out. (I didn’t. You only need a tiny bit.) It’s the best eyebrow color formula I’ve ever tried, and I say that with total conviction as someone who does not frequently dole out these sorts of compliments. It has a thick, rich texture that’s neither too stiff to apply nor soft enough to smudge, and the matte finish makes it look natural. It’s easy to blend into a softer, powdery finish, so harsh, obvious lines are a non-issue, and its slight tackiness gives brows hold, too. It’s the best.

It’s also worth mentioning that the shade I use, Triptych Coal, is the only real match I’ve ever found for my natural brow color. I have dark, ashy hair that borders on black, and the warm, reddish tones of most “dark brown” eyebrow fillers look outright bizarre on me. Triptych Coal is the perfect neutral that actually blends with my brows. I didn’t know it could be done—but oh, how I love to be proven wrong. Sometimes.

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