Anastasia Beverly Hills’ New Palette Will Inject Warm-Weather Vibes Into Your Routine

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ New Palette Will Inject Warm-Weather Vibes Into Your Routine
Photo: ImaxTree.

Chances are it’s cold AF where you are right now. Some of us are still in puffy coats and cozy hats, dreaming of tropical temperatures and sunny days. Since that’s not likely to come for a while, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Riviera Palette is here to inject some warm-weather vibes into our makeup routines. The brand’s newest eyeshadow palette has been gaining momentum online since the summer-ready striped packaging leaked last week. We were dying to see the shades and just yesterday, Anastasia Beverly Hills answered our prayers and released photos of the inside, showing off the gorgeous seven shimmer and seven matte shades that scream summer vacation.

The Riviera is a departure from the four iconic ABH palettes: Modern Renaissance (warm hues), Prism (neutrals and metallics), Soft Glam (neutrals), and Subculture (grungy mattes and metallics). The Riviera shades are brighter and overall much more colorful than anyone previously expected. Think hues including: Bahamas (a dark pink), Seychelles (a shimmery teal), and Yacht (a shimmery gold).

Like the other popular Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes, the possibilities with the Riviera are endless. We’re already seeing the sunset eye vibes, ’70s gold looks, and mermaid-green shadow straight off the Spring 2019 runway. Remember when the Alice & Olivia presentation featured models with graphic teal lids? And when Chromat’s models had dreamy, bold pink eyes? Not to mention Kate Spade’s shimmery gold shadow. You’ll be able to recreate these spring and summer trends easily with the Riviera.

To say fans of ABH are excited would be an understatement. Comments on Instagram include “Whyyyy do they keep doing this to us! 😩 I so need those colors for spring/summer!” and “I keep coming back to this picture like something’s gonna change. 😂 I’ve never been this obsessed.” Others want to try the brand for the first time after seeing the shades, writing, “This may have to be my first abh pallet it’s beaut!!”

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette retails for $45 and will be available on March 4, and retail stores after March 7.  While you’re trying to wait patiently for the launch, check out the brand’s new campaign video (above) for all the beachy inspo you need.