Beauty and the Real Girl: The Ideal Everyday Moisturizer

Rachel Adler
neutrogena face lotion

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Going backstage and learning tips and tricks from the professionals may be an adventure, but sometimes, the best tricks come from real girls. In “Beauty and the Real Girl,” we learn the best beauty tips, tricks and secrets from girls just like us.

When it comes to beauty products, we here at Beauty High love to play around. From bright colors to glittery nail polish, we’ll try anything once (hey, maybe twice just to make sure it wasn’t just an “off” day) and will talk about the ups and downs with anyone who is willing to listen. But, we don’t forget about the basics either – you know, the products that stand the test of time and the ones that we truly rely on to get us looking this fabulous.

Emily Kanoff, a freelance writer, knows exactly how much these staples can do for a girl’s beauty routine. She shared her must-have with us below (admitting that she’s often not after the fads, but understands the tried and true).

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“I’m not one for fad beauty products—I usually just take what friends and colleagues pawn off to me and then chuck ’em after one use. But one thing I always make sure to do is moisturize. Yes, it’s the oldest trick in the book—but it works! My mom has always had amazing skin, which she attributes to the daily lotion-ing she’s been doing since her teens. And if I want to have skin like her when I’m older? I better stick to it. My go-to is Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Face Lotion. Not only is it gentle on drier skin like I have, but it has SPF too—so if I’m ever caught on top of Montreal’s Parc du Mont-Royal on a sunny, beautiful day, I know my skin will be taken care of.”

Where to buy: Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Face Lotion, $10.99,