An Easy Way To Look Thinner!

Megan McIntyre

Here’s an ingenious fashion invention: The Invisibelt. Do you have a pair of jeans that you love to wear but they always slide down a bit causing you to constantly pull them up and avoid bending over because you know your underwear will peek out? But wearing a belt with those jeans can be a pain because the buckle bulges out and makes your whole mid-section look bulkier, especially if you want to wear a fitted top over them. This is the best solution! The Invisibelt is an ultra-thin belt has a flat clasp buckle, so it’ll keep your jeans up sans any bulge. Brilliant!

Check out these before and after images:

inv. before after_2.jpg
inv. before after_3.jpg

My favorite is the clear Invisibelt, $19.95, because it is virtually undetectable.

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