Learn How to Get Amy Adams’ Undone Chignon From the 2013 Oscars

Augusta Falletta

messy bun

The Oscars may be the most prestigious of awards shows, but that doesn’t mean the hairstyles need to be stiff. Some of the most gorgeous looks happen to be the ones that look just a touch undone, almost as if the actress could’ve done it herself at home (keyword almost). In honor of the Oscars this week, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite looks from the past and couldn’t stop ogling at Amy Adams’ undone chignon from the 2013 red carpet.

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To get a professional’s help in the matter, we turned to Vidal Sassoon stylist Ben Skervin, who’s celebrity clientele list includes Keira Knightley, Emma Watson and Olivia Wilde. While he was replicating Amy’s hairstyle on us, Ben shared some tips that were too great not to pass on. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on getting the undone chignon at home!

messy bun

Step 1: Begin with a smooth base. While your hair is damp, apply a bit of Vidal Sassoon Foaming Air Mousse from the mid-lengths to the ends, then blow dry hair with a round brush for a smooth finish that has hold. If you have especially curly or wavy hair, Ben suggests using a flat iron just at the root of hair along the hairline so that tiny flyaways are taken care of.
Step 2: For extra volume, grab a long tail comb and tease your hair, starting at the top of the crown and then following that line all the way down towards either ear. Ben explains that the best way to tease your hair is to only gently back comb twice, that way you get natural looking body and you won’t have a nightmare time trying to comb it out at the end of the night. Finish the teasing with just a touch of hairspray for hold.
Step 3: Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure a low ponytail, leaving out a couple of face-framing pieces in the front. Lift the crown away just a bit so that there’s extra volume. Exaggerate the body now, because once you pull the ponytail for a chignon, the hair will get flatter.
Step 4: Back comb the ponytail for an extra bit of volume. Begin twisting the lengths of  your hair upwards to make the bun. You shouldn’t be able to see the ponytail holder, just the bun.
Step 5: Go in with bobby pins first to secure the bun in place, then begin using hair pins (or V-shaped pins) to loosely place the rest of the hair. Ben likes to bend one end of the hair pin outward and upward to create a V-shaped hook that really holds the pins in the hair, but remember where you place those as the hook can make pin removal difficult.
Step 6: In the front, take any thicker pieces that you left out and pin them back loosely. Spray a bit of hairspray onto your fingers and gently style the pieces in the front to give them a bit of hold, so they’re not so wispy.

Images Courtesy of Vidal Sassoon