This Wireless Flat Iron Is a Hair Styling Game Changer

Amika Styling Wand

Photo: Courtesy of Amika; Design by Candace Napier

I’ve run a hot tool through my hair every day for the past 12 years. And though my hair is naturally stick straight, I’ve been dyeing it to the tune of nearly two decades, so it knows how to hold any type of curl, wave, or “sexy bedhead” kink I try to cook into it.

This means that I’ve spent countless hours planted in front of a vanity, flat iron in hand, plugged into an outlet. In all these years, I never thought anything of it, and I never really expected it would ever be any different. That is, until I met the Amika Movos Wireless Styler ($150). Game changer.

The Movos is one of those genius products where the minute you see it, you think, “How has no one thought of this before?” So when it arrived at our beauty desk, I snatched it up and immediately turned it on. Technically speaking, the Movos is wireless, has a digital screen, and has titanium plates that heat up to 400 degrees. But it’s really more of a divine gift from the hair gods. To think, I could flat iron my hair wherever I wanted—at my desk, in the kitchen, in front of the closet while picking out my outfit, even walking down the sidewalk! I started doing my hair anywhere and everywhere I damn well pleased.

As far as the specs go, it’s pretty well designed. On the bottom of the iron, there’s a hook that holds it shut when it’s not in use, and on the side there’s a power switch, a temperature control, and a digital screen that tells you the battery life and exactly how hot it is.

When not in use, it stands vertically in a docking station, so it takes up minimal counter space, and a full charge takes only a couple hours. The titanium plates are one inch wide and boast infrared heat and negative ions (aka minimal frizz and maximum moisture seal). My only issue with it is that the plates are a little small, so it does take a bit more time if you have a lot of hair.

It’s perfect to toss in my gym bag or have at my desk at work for a touch up, which has really been elevating my hair game. Flyaway? Flat iron. Last-minute date? Flat iron. Humidity on the subway? Flat iron. Who knew that not being restrained to an outlet could be so life changing?

Amika Movos Cordless Hair Styler, $150; at Sephora