Amber Rose’s Long Braids May Have Just Knocked the Earth Off Its Axis

Rachel Krause
Getty Images

Getty Images

Since her new talk show “The Amber Rose Show” debuted on VH1 last month, Amber Rose (who else?) has seized the opportunity to do and say whatever she damn well pleases. This includes, but is not limited to, asking T.I. about the wildest places he’s ever had sex, discussing dick pics with The Game, and, most surprising of all for someone with such a strong signature look, changing her hair. Dramatically.

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Before anyone dies of shock, let’s be clear—these are wigs we’re talking about. Rose first wore a voluminous brunette updo, courtesy of stylist Tony Medina, last week, and returned to Medina’s chair once again on Tuesday to get herself a full head of chunky twists.

We have to admit that Rose looks pretty freakin’ glam in the dolled-up hair and makeup, but does anybody really want to live in a world without Amber Rose’s bleached buzz cut? Of course not.

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