Amber Rose is About to Make a Major Change to Her Hair

Amber Rose is About to Make a Major Change to Her Hair
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Amber Rose occasionally slays in a long-haired wig, but now, she’s ready for the real thing. In an exclusive interview with Us Magazine’s “Stylish,” the model and author confirmed that she’s officially bored with the buzz cut she’s been wearing for over 15 years.

“Maybe I’ll do it again in a little while, but right now I just want to grow my hair out,” she said. “So that’s why I’m wearing a lot of different wigs.” For now, expect to see her in plenty of blonde ones (“I was meant to be a blonde”), like the beach waves she sported for the second annual Amber Rose Slut Walk.

Amber Rose in Blonde Wig

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“I really, really want a ponytail,” she said. “I know it might sound corny, but as a girl it’s been so many years since I’ve pulled my hair back in a ponytail and I just miss it!”

The mother of one also revealed her refreshingly attainable beauty secrets. When she’s not getting her ‘lit from within’ glow refined by Hollywood surgeon Dr. Diamond, she depends on just two products before hitting the sheets.

“I use Clinique mild face wash and then I’ll use the La Mer moisturizer before I go to bed and I’ll kind of just cake it on and when it’s still not fully rubbed in and then I’ll wake up and my skin is glowing,” she said. “If La Mer is a bit expensive for you, you can use the Nivea Cream that comes in the container that you kind of turn open. You can get that at CVS and honestly, it works just as well.”

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As for her famous curves, she enjoys slathering on melted Raw African Shea Butter to keep her body silky smooth and even credited it with leaving her stretch mark-free during pregnancy.

“I put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds and it turns into a really thick brown oil and I just rub it all over my body and then I’ll walk around with a robe on for a while,” she says. “But your robe will totally get ruined, so get a robe from Target, don’t wear nothing nice. I used that through my whole pregnancy with Sebastian and I didn’t get one stretch mark.”

Anyone else planning an impromptu Target run?