Amandla Stenberg’s Colorful Braids Won the Red Carpet Last Night

Elizabeth Denton
Amandla Stenberg’s Colorful Braids Won the Red Carpet Last Night
Photo: Shutterstock.

Last night, celebrities headed to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles for the 5th Annual InStyle Awards. Actress, activist, author and beauty chameleon Amandla Stenberg was in attendance looking incredible wearing a light green Gucci minidress and showing off colorful new braids. Stenberg often tries out creative new hairstyles and these braids are some of the prettiest yet. The blue color weaved through the plaits gives off a mermaid vibe, especially with her smoky eyeshadow that looks a bit blue in the right light.

Last week, Stenberg posted a photo to Instagram of colorful hair extensions. “Vibe check,” she wrote. Then, a few days later, she snapped a selfie in which you can just make out the new braids. But the purple lighting of the photo pretty much masks her hair making it impossible to see—until she hit the InStyle Awards red carpet, that is. We finally got a look at the almost-waist length blue braids and they didn’t disappoint.

amandla braids

Image: Shutterstock.

This time last year, Stenberg wrote an essay in InStyle about natural hair, what it was like growing up and attending mostly white schools, as well as wanting her sister’s “princess” hair. As she grew up, she experimented with her hair, shaving it fully for a role and feeling more in touch with her sexuality. “Almost all black women grow up sitting with their moms, whether it’s once a day or once a week, having their hair combed through and then getting it twisted or braided or whatever it may be,” she wrote. “There’s something so beautiful about that act. It carries all the love, tenderness, strength, and uniqueness about where we’re from. It’s something most black women share, even if every person’s curl pattern is different.”