How Your Facial Oils Can Be Multitaskers

Sable Yong


Okay, you’ve done it. You’ve jumped on the facial oil bandwagon. Still eager to see results? Or perhaps you’re not impressed. When you find your right one, facial oils can do wonders for your complexion– at the very least they will moisturize it. Just because it says it’s for your face though, doesn’t mean that’s the only place it’s useful–those oily elixirs can do wonders for the rest of your beauty and your body. Here’s a couple alternate uses for you to get pumped on.

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Cuticle And Callous Softener. A drop of a heavier oil– like camellia or tsubaki– on your cuticles will make your hands look that much more polished even if they are still run ragged from dry cold air. The same concept applies to your feet on any callouses that may have planted themselves there. Not only will they feel better, they’ll soften over time and become easier to remove.

Split End Mender. Lots of oils are fair game for skin and hair (argan, camellia, jojoba–to name a couple) but the best way to hydrate your strands without build-up (lots of hair serums contain silicone which is difficult to wash off) or seal some split ends is to run some oil between your hands and lightly coat the ends with a drop or two of oil. Not only will they look more polished, you’ll also be conditioning.

Highlighter. Sometimes you don’t want to resort to shimmer for a dewy glow. Or perhaps your foundation is too matte and chalky-looking. The simplest thing to do is rub a drop of oil in your hands to spread it as lightly as possible and then press it on the parts of your face that you want to highlight. For those with dry skin, this is a great alternative to traditional highlighters that can often end up highlighting all your dry patches as well. This also works great down your shins to make your legs look their silkiest.

Makeup Remover. Rubbing your waterproof eye makeup repeatedly with facial cleanser isn’t only ineffective–it’s super drying. Rubbing a drop or two of a facial oil with your fingers gently around your eyes will get your eye makeup melted and ready to be washed away. The same goes for stay-put lipstick.

Exfoliation And Hydration At Once. Since oils are used in massage all the time, it would make sense that they are the perfect vehicle for a scrub. Whether a lip scrub or facial exfoliator, a dollop of something like jojoba (it mimics the natural sebum on your skin) with a tiny bit of brown sugar makes a decadent scrub that you can’t really mess up. And since the sugar melts as your rub it on your skin, you avoid the perils of over-exfoliation. Best part is that once you rinse it off your face, the small amount of oil left acts as your moisturizer.

Lip Balm Primer. It seems weird that you’d need to prime lip balm, but for anyone who annoyingly ALWAYS needs to reapply a balm because their lips are stubbornly dry, patting a facial oil onto your lips after you wash your face in the morning and then sealing it in with a lip balm will make your lips feel better and you won’t feel the need to reapply balm as often.

Brow groomer. If you happen to be blessed with a thicket of brows, you’ll find that you want to groom them without adding more depth or without the sticky (and sometimes tragically flaky) stiff feeling of a brow gel. This is where your facial oil comes in. A little dab with your finger across your brows will make them appear shiny and soft as you tame them in the direction you want them to be.

Eye Cream. Perhaps you’ve gotten yourself a facial oil that you don’t quite like but don’t want to chuck. Well save yourself the money from eye creams and re-purpose your facial oil as an eye cream. The added moisture in an oil will sink into your skin so you don’t necessarily look like tears have pooled beneath your eyes AND the delicate area will be well hydrated.

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