Almay Your Way


As everyone knows, there’s just no comparing someone else’s make-up bag to your own.  You’ve spent years determining exactly what eyeliner looks best and what brush you like to apply bronzer with. And there are products that you definitely can’t use unless they’re your own, like foundation. The chance that another’s foundation has the right shade and weight for you are pretty much nil.

A couple weeks ago I was in a serious bind. I was at work late and had a date. There was no way I could make it back to my apartment and to the restaurant in time. Luckily, our fashion assistant Janice was still at the office. She offered up her favorite product, Almay’s Smart Shade, and assured me that it would look good on me. I risked it and I was totally blown away.  When you dispense the foundation, it’s colorless, essentially white, but it contains microscopic color beads that are activated when you smooth it onto your skin.  You have to see it to believe it.  I got sheer coverage with a natural finish, which might be more than I can say for my own foundation.

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