Aliza Licht Shares Her Tips And Tricks For Beautiful Skin

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all? The answer depends on you. Whatever you do or don’t do for your skin shows in your reflection. So why not empower your skin to have a beautiful one? Here are some of my skin secret weapons:

1. Don’t Drop The Weight
Remember those extra five pounds that you’ve been trying to lose? Keep them. As my grandmother used to say, forget about the pounds on your butt, you need them for your face!

2. Find a Non-Invasive Filler
For me, that’s easier said than done because as a fashion maven, I care about how my clothes fit. So how do you balance that loss of volume in your face just to save your bum? You add it back in using a little help from your friend Revitalift™ Volume Filler™. This product visibly re-volumizes your skin’s natural looking fullness on the cheek area and under eyes, as well as smooths the appearance of wrinkles, so you can zipper up your favorite skinny jeans again. Miracles do happen.

3. Embrace Shininess
As someone who hates to feel oily, I’ve been amazed to learn that shine can be my best friend. The truth is, the more matte your look, the older you will appear. This is especially true under the eyes. Nothing ages your look faster than a dry under-eye area! I keep an extra under-eye moisturizer to dab on during the day to ensure a dewy look. This is especially important if you’re like me and you keep reapplying concealer.

4. Lay the Foundation
I’m sure Michaelangelo primed the Sistine Chapel. Just like with painting, you have to prime your skin before the makeup hits it. Prepare it to be the best skin it can be with a great moisturizer. Revitalift™ Triple Power™ Deep-Acting Moisturizer is powerful, luxurious, and the perfect first step to your multi-tiered beauty routine. Apply foundation when your skin is moisturized and silky, and let them both dry together before you proceed to bronzer or blush.

5. Slough Away Dead Skin
Daily light exfoliation is the key to everything I’ve stated previously. It goes back to the original canvas. If it’s bumpy, no amount of makeup is going to help. You have to remove the dead cells to expose the new ones. This is also true for ex-best friends and boyfriends.

6. Make Your Toothbrush Multitask
Your toothbrush is not just for your teeth. Wet it to brush off dead skin on your lips. It will also plump them. Bonus: In a pinch, it’s also a brow groomer! Double bonus: It can flatten fly-away hairs for a slicked-back hair look. Spoiler alert: Your ponytail will look fierce but you now need a new toothbrush.

Aliza Licht is the senior vice president of global communications at Donna Karan International, and the woman behind the highly successful Twitter personality, DKNY PR Girl. Licht recently announced that she will be departing from DKNY to pursue opportunities related to the successful launch of her new book, Leave Your Mark, an insider’s mentorship book.


This post is part of a sponsored advertising campaign with L’Oreal Paris, the skin experts.