News: Ali Larter Goes Red; The Truth About Brow Extensions

Alle Connell

Ali Larter has gone red, and we are super into it. The work of megastar colorist Tracey Cunningham, the bright red shade is for her role as Claire Redfield in the next Resident Evil film. Though cool-toned reds can be hard to wear, Ali is totally pulling it off—thanks largely in part to her newly-lightened eyebrows, which really makes it look natural. Let that be a lesson to all aspiring redheads out there! [Instagram]

Forget lash extensions—eyebrow extensions are the new (and essential) beauty trend of the moment. Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary procedure. [StyleCaster Beauty]

Sofia Vergara has created a new fragrance—Love—for her wedding to superbabe Joe Manganiello. With super-feminine notes of mandarin, magnolia, vanilla and orange blossom, it also features a unique heart note of Colombian coffee flower. Love will be sold on HSN starting on September 22; we cannot wait to try it. [WWD]

Beauty bloggers share their best tips for taking the perfect selfie. [Allure]

In other news, Cate Blanchett is set to play Lucille Ball in a new biopic written by Aaron Sorkin. We love Cate, and we really love Lucy (apologies for that play on words) so this film has some really exciting potential. Plus, just imagine Cate Blanchett with red hair. Magnificent. [The Wrap]