Alex’s Arcona Addition


One of my good friends Alex, whom I met while interning at Elle magazine years ago, shares my enthusiasm for all things fashion related. She always looks incredibly stylish and has the latest accessory in hand, but little did I know that she also approaches beauty with the same dedication. When I told her that I was writing the beauty blog for StyleCaster she immediately spewed out reviews on her favorite, and least favorite (namely Fat Girl Slim body cream from Bliss, that was supposed to give her a six-pack) beauty products.

She is currently obsessed with Fiberwig, the top-selling mascara in Japan, that actually does what it claims and gives her “false eyelash-like” results. And Arcona Triad pads. The cotton pads are the perfect solution to late-night face washing. The cranberry and milk formula works as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer all in one. recommends stashing them at the gym or work, I say keep them next to your bed so there’s no excuse for going to bed with your make-up still on.

Arcona Triad Pads, $30,

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