Alexander Wang Proves Sleek Ponytails Are Here to Stay

Rachel Adler
Alexander Wang Spring 2015

Beauty High Instagram

Alexander Wang is well known for bringing his urban sense of style to the runways, but his beauty look has also been a cult favorite to stalk as well. For the spring 2015 season, he stuck to that “Alex Wang girl” that we all know and love, with a sporty yet slightly feminine inspiration for the look. Wang proved yet again that shine is here to stay in all areas, bringing  a sleek ponytail back to the runway (he had the same sleek look for fall 2014) dewy skin, and actually allowing the girls to have shine on the nails – something he normally steers away from in preference of a matte top coat.

For makeup, Diane Kendal for NARS created a strong yet energetic look focusing on clean skin and great contours. She bleached the brows and accentuated the girls features by creating a graphic eye shape with Cappadoce Matte Multiple layered with South Beach Multiple.

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The nails, painted by Michelle Saunders for Essie, were painted in two coats of Au Natural, a soft, nude shade that were given a “filter” (Essie’s Ridge Filling Base Coat on top) that Saunders likened to Instagram’s Valencia. The look was complete with a shiny top coat.

On hair, Guido Palau for Redken created a “simple, kind of sporty yet futuristic ponytail” using Redken’s Hardwear Gel to help create the shape of the ponytail (which was placed low at the nape of the neck) and then topped off with Diamond Oil for that high shine quality. The tail of the ponytail contrasted a bit and wasn’t “done” for a modern, austere quality. Palau noted that Wang almost wanted the girls to look as if their ponytails were sweaty, and straight from the gym.

Palau also gave us a bit of insight into why we’re seeing more slightly accessible looks on the runway lately, like ponytails and braids. He said that the stylists’ jobs are really to think about creating new looks with these main styles (the ones we as real people already know how to do) and making subtle changes to them – adding new ways to use products and new ways to tweak how we wear a ponytail or a braid, for example. He went on to explain that obviously at some fashion shows they have to create extreme looks, but these basics will always be the jumping off point.