Alexa Chung’s Fall Makeup Made Us Change Our Minds About Not Going Out Tonight

Rachel Krause
Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images

Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images

The only good thing about it getting dark out so early is that we can now wear our nighttime-ready makeup as soon as the clock strikes 5 p.m.. That means our favorite vampy lipsticks and skillful smokey eye techniques—not to brag—are getting way more play now than they do the rest of the year, when we actually get more than eight hours of sunlight.

Because a night out is nothing without a good night-out look, we’re taking a cue from Alexa Chung this weekend and embracing the season with warm, rich colors that almost make us thankful for October through February. A dimensional ruby lipstick with a bit of metallic shine, like Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira (try it, it’s amazing) is grounded perfectly by soft, smudgy brown liner and slightly messy, brushed-up brows (pass the Glossier Boy Brow, please).

And that sleek, shiny hair? Well, Alexa has genetics to thank—but a dab of Davines OI/ Absolute Beautifying Potion will help us fake it the best we can. If to-die-for hair and makeup is your only incentive for dragging your ass out of the house when the late afternoon feels like midnight, then consider yourself halfway out the door.

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