This Botox Bar Is Giving Out Free Botox for Just Two Days

Elizabeth Denton
This Botox Bar Is Giving Out Free Botox for Just Two Days
Photo: ImaxTree.

If you’ve ever wanted to try a little Botox but were afraid to take the plunge, now just might be the perfect time. Alchemy 43 is giving away free Botox to first-time Botox users in honor of National Face Your Fears Day. Founder and CEO Nicci Levy aims to change the conversation about cosmetic injectables and ease any fears people have around the pain or discomfort, looking “fake” and the price. “When I worked at Allergan, I realized just how real the stigma around injectables was and how uneducated people were on the topic,” Levy said in a statement. “I met people who wanted to try Botox but hadn’t because they were either scared of looking overdone, were intimidated by the cost, or had heard that it was painful or poisonous. Really what they were scared of was unknown; the industry was shrouded in mystery. I don’t think Botox should be such a mystery.”

The only catch? You have to be able to get to an Alchemy 43 location, which are in Los Angeles and New York City. Then, you can just sign up for Botox on one area of the face (up to 20 units) using this link or by texting 323-676-1438. A licensed medical professional (either a registered nurse, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant) administers the Botox in one of Alchemy 43’s sleek treatment rooms.

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Image: Alchemy 43.

A medical director oversees each market and Levy told The Cut, “They’re [a resource] in case of an emergency and for clinical oversight of our injectors.” I’ve personally never had Botox but I did see Alchemy 43 for Juvederm injections in my smile lines and I felt safe and comfortable—and surprisingly not terrified. That being said, it’s up to you if you want to go to the Botox bar-like route or see a board-certified plastic surgeon instead.

If you do want to try Botox at Alchemy 43, hurry—it’s sure to book up fast. The free days are on October 15 and October 16 and you’ll be able to learn all about the company’s membership service for future treatments.