Rihanna’s Mini Look-a-Like Just Scored Her First Beauty Contract

Elizabeth Denton
Rihanna’s Mini Look-a-Like Just Scored Her First Beauty Contract
Photo: Shutterstock.

What were you doing at seven years old? I was probably off reading or drawing in a corner somewhere. I was not landing beauty contracts, that’s for sure. Ala’a Skyy, Rihanna’s viral look-a-likeis scoring those beauty deals at the ripe old age of seven. It all started after Skyy’s photo went viral when Rihanna shared it to her 74 million followers. Even the singer couldn’t believe how much Skyy resembles her. It looks as if Ri put her face into the “baby filter” and out popped adorable Skyy. That led to Tyra Banks asking Skyy to audition for her upcoming ModelLand amusement park. Celebrities and fans alike are loving Ri’s little twin.

Now, the seven-year-old is an ambassador for The Mane Choice, a natural texture-focused haircare brand. CEO & Founder, Courtney Adeleye said about Skyy in a statement: “Not only does she have an amazing attitude and work ethic at such a young age, but she also loves her hair! She understands the benefits of using great products. It’s amazing!” Skyy is joining The Mane Choice at Beautycon LA this weekend as her first role as the brand’s representative. She’s there to meet fans and promote the Tropical Moringa line of shampoo, conditioner and hair masks.

“One day you are using your favorite products because you love them and the next day you are using your favorite products and become their newest ambassador at the same time!” Skyy, or more likely, Skyy’s mom Bria Baytops, wrote on Instagram. Straight, curly or in braids, Skyy has beautiful hair and hopefully, this project allows her to love herself even more.

In between school and maybe a Barbie or two, this adorable girl is going places.