Airtouch Is the Latest and Greatest Hair Coloring Technique You’re Going to See Everywhere

Elizabeth Denton
Airtouch Is the Latest and Greatest Hair Coloring Technique You’re Going to See Everywhere
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We’re always looking for new, innovative ways to get gorgeous hair color. There are highlights and babylights, balayage and ombré styles. And now, the airtouch highlights technique is what has everyone talking. The hair coloring style is credited to Moscow-based hairstylist Vladimir Sarbashev. According to Modern Salon, Sarbashev created the technique to blend color better than with usual highlighting—especially when it comes to touch-ups.

With typical highlights, a colorist grabs a section of hair and teases it. Then, they use a tail comb to re-weave the section and apply lightener. This keeps the section from getting too light. With airtouch, the stylist uses a blowdryer to push the internal layers out of the way, thereby not over-lightening the section, moving faster and looking allover more natural. Hairstylists are obsessed with it.

“Airtouch became a huge success because it is different than any other highlight or balayage technique out there,” colorist Erin Mills told Modern Salon. “The biggest difference is the sectioning, mostly diagonal sections, and the use of the blowdryer. Airtouch is technically starting a section, using the dryer outlining up the hair strand to blow away all hairs that are held tight in the section, and only highlighting in foil the remaining hair. It’s amazing to watch, and the results are so natural!”

Illinois-based hairstylist Danilo Bozic took a class with Sarbashev to learn the technique himself. Now, he’s an expert himself.

Bozic told Modern Salon the technique weaves out the baby hairs so only the longer pieces are highlighted, creating a “better blend.” It’s now done all across Russia.

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It’s only a matter of time before this comes stateside and really, it won’t be soon enough.