The Airplane Beauty Regimen You Need to Try

Megan Segura
Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Not only is Gucci Westman responsible for making up famous faces like Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, but she herself is quite the beauty. Though she is a makeup artist (not to mention the global artistic director of Revlon), Gucci doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, and she really doesn’t need to. For her personal life, she is all about good skin care, even when traveling.

“I’ll try a lot of things with skin care, and I have a pretty good system down. I have a few different toiletry bags, and I’ll have one that’s my travel [bag],” says Gucci. “So I just keep it on the plane with me, because I feel like I get dehydrated. And also, I like basically anything that takes away from the monotony of the journey, so a skincare regimen for me is like the perfect thing on the plane. It takes a good 20 minutes. It’s awesome.”

So what does her airplane beauty routine consist of?

“I like this brand called Biologique Recherche a lot, because it comes in sample size bottles which are great. I use one which is firming, one called L’Eauxygénante, so like an oxygen spray, and I like Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream ($42.95,, and I use another moisturizer called Environ. If I’m on a night flight and no one really sees me, I use a cloth mask. Such a game changer. Biologicuqe Recherché makes a really nice one. It’s a little stinky and messy, but it’s such good product you can feel how active it is. I put on something after that smells good, like By Terry Rose Serum ($118, Travel is so great when you get it down. You feel OK when you get off a seven hour flight. That feels like you’ve achieved something.”

While we’ve never used so many products at one time before, we’re willing to start after seeing Gucci’s natural glow.

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