10 Tips for Flawlessly Air Dried Hair

Image via Imaxtree


Hair connoisseurs say that “air dried is the new blowout,” which is lucky for us (and our wallets). While a blowout does look especially polished, your hair will thank you for giving it a day off from the heat. With the help of a few simple tools and your own ingenuity, you can perfect the air dried method in no time. To aide in this process, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips for waking up flawless — à la Beyoncé.

1. Before you step out of the shower, gently wring the excess water out of your hair, then tie it up in an old t-shirt. Rubbing your hair with a towel can actually cause unwanted damage and breakage, while the soft cotton of a t-shirt is much more gentle and still super absorbent.

2. Use a wide-tooth comb to smooth your tresses. Combs or brushes with the bristles spaced closely together can snag wet hair—ouch! If your hair gets extra tangly, use a spray-on leave-in conditioner to make the combing process even easier.

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3. Apply argan oil to damp hair from the mid-lengths to the ends to help seal the cuticle and minimize frizz. We like Organix’s Argan Oil of Morocco for shiny, silky hair (that smells good too!).

4. Since air drying doesn’t involve the use of any heat tools to help create volume or texture, use your fingers to style hair. For the first few minutes while your hair is damp, flip it upside down and tousle your roots with your fingers. For extra volume, part your hair on the opposite side that you would normally part it on while it’s drying and your roots will have extra lift when it’s parted normally.

5. If you’re the kind of girl who likes a bit of texture and beach wave to her hair (who doesn’t?), then try Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray on damp locks. It leaves a bit of a grittiness behind that makes shaping and styling effortless.

6. Put hair into a loose braid. The hour between when you step out of the shower and when it begins to fully dry is the point of “memory” for the hair. During this stage, you can train your hair to fall into the style and shape you’d like. In this case, a braid will help to create loose, pretty waves.

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7. If braids aren’t your thing, pull hair into a bun for similar wavy effects. Putting your hair in a bun will actually smooth the cuticles of your hair, cutting down on fly aways.

8. Skip the hair tie when air drying your hair. Damp hair and hair ties means kinks and dents — just about the last thing you’ll want when your hair is dry! Opt for the bun or braid that we previously mentioned instead, and secure it with a fabric hair tie to avoid those pesky marks.

9. For super bouncy and glamorous waves, roll damp, practically dry locks into Velcro rollers. Roll the hair underneath instead of up and over for volume and waves.

10. Once hair is dry, apply a bit of dry shampoo to your roots for even more lift. It may seem weird to apply dry shampoo to just-washed hair,  but trust us when we say that dry shampoo also doubles as an amazing texturizer.