This Is the Best Air-Dry Cream For Your Curls

Lauren Caruso
Curl Cream
Photo: ImaxTree

Got a minute? Here’s your mid-day roundup of all your need-to-know news in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and beyond. 

Do those fancy air-dry curl creams actually work? [Fashionista]

Jaden Smith chopped his hair off for a movie and looks totally different. [Teen Vogue]

These are the companies where you’re most likely to make more than six figures. [Refinery29]

Someone put Sean Spicer’s ridiculous Hilter comments as the closing credits to Veep and it is everything. [Elle]

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are expecting a baby, so there’s that. [Us Weekly]

Michelle Obama is paddle-boarding her way through the South-Pacific and we are here for it. [Marie Claire]

So, galaxy lip art is a thing now, too. [Cosmo]

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